The BELINDA™ Partnership Program is an IT-Services platform between Belgium and India.
xsysys actively selects IT-Partners from India and Belgium in specific niche markets in order to help them deliver solutions in the local market abroad.
In other words, with the help of xsysys, Indian IT-Parners are able to bring their solutions to Belgium and Belgian IT-Parners are able to bring their solutions into the Indian market.


  • You will be able to leverage on our experience built on 9 years in India and 18 years in Belgium.
  • You will enjoy 18 years of IT and management experience.
  • We have achieved operational excellence based on open benchmarking standards and proven best practices.
  • You will enjoy a reduced cost to market
  • You will benefit from a reduced time to market
  • You will achieve a greater market share and you will be able sustain that.
  • You will reach a higher success/failure ratio based on our effective approach.
  • You will get access to high level networking in Belgium as well as in India.
  • You will gain from our strong Relationship Management Skills
  • You will have access to extensive knowledge based on Belgian/Indian customer needs.

If you want to know more about the BELINDA™ Partnership Program and how it may help you focus on your core business activities, send us an email at: