software development CAMPBELL FOODS BELGIUM
management of permanent and promotional conditions

CAMPBELL FOODS BELGIUM is a major player on the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market in Belgium. Some of the products in its portfolio, such as Royco, Campbell’s and Liebig, are market leaders. Both the sales department and the marketing department are currently using automation tools developed by DeDuCo: the representatives use SALESforce+ in their tasks with the customers; the Key Account Managers and the marketing department use KEYaccount+, a product to manage the actions with their customers, their budgets
and their conditions.

Until the introduction of KEYaccount+, most Key Account Managers of CAMPBELL FOODS BELGIUM managed their customer conditions in a non standardized way, very often in Excel. This resulted in all sorts of different procedures developed by the different Key Account Managers, and ultimately did lead to the fact that no history of conditions was available for retrieval. As actions and conditions in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods
sector may quite differ between the initial and final proposal (and the introduction in the ERP system) it is very useful for the Key Account Manager to have a view on the history
of the action, on the profitability… This can only be achieved by setting up a central database of all actions and conditions.

In order to solve this complex and important problem xsysys Technologies (Bangalore)
was selected.The criteria to choose xsysys were the efficient ISO 9001:2000 offshore processes, the short delivery time, the flexibility in their approach and their domain expertise
in the FMCG market.

Now, each Key Account Manager can manage conditions at his customers’ end, a
complex matter of end of year reductions, permanent reductions, logistics reductions, introduction reductions... and still gauge the profitability of that customer. Moreover, he can now manage all his actions, including the management of budgets for each action (introductions, folders...), and the management of conditions for each action. Follow-up
of invoices is made possible. He can manage all the quotations he sends to his customers and the dispatch of technical files and confirmations of actions in the document layouts
that are imposed upon him by his customers (in Excel) is made possible. He can determine the profitability of actions and products for each individual customer.

All actions and objectives are dispatched to the sales team. Now the representatives
have an overview of all actions agreed upon with the chain’s head office which brings
them into a much better position to negotiate and propose actions to their customers.
Each Key Account Manager can now evaluate the result of his actions and undertake
new actions in case the objectives aren’t met. For each action he now manages budgets, support above and below the line, invoices, periods (proposal period, order period, action period)… with history.

The confirmation of the proposed customer actions – which formerly took about half an hour to complete – can now be finished in about 5 minutes.