software development KRAFT FOODS BELGIUM
order entry and stock management

The sales team of KRAFT FOODS BELGIUM, the Belgian division of KRAFT FOODS (PHILIP MORRIS), has been using DeDuCo’s SALESforce+ to manage its customers, contacts and
visits since 1990. The company is manufacturer and distributor of brands such as Côte d’Or, Leo, Milka, Miracoli, Kraft… and visits mainly food outlets in Belgium.

In order to work more efficiently, it was decided by the management to automate the stock- and the order flow- module. Consequently, additional software had to be developed, a task for which xsysys Technologies (Bangalore) has been selected.

Before, representatives who were visiting their customers had to write order forms,
deliver products from the stock in their car (and manage their own stock). All these tasks were processed on paper.
The consequences of this methodology of working were not always easy to handle: the manual data had to be entered into the ERP system of KRAFT FOODS BELGIUM, which
meant a fulltime job for 1 employee.
And secondly, the stock management of each representative was an elaborate task,
mainly due to the fact that the representatives sold entire boxes to their customers, but single products were given for free. In reality it was extremely difficult to maintain stock numbers in tune with the real situation.

Consequently, the management of KRAFT FOODS was looking for software development
that could automate these aspects: order entry, stock management and the entire stock flow.
The criteria to choose for xsysys Technologies (Bangalore) were the efficient ISO 9001:2000 offshore processes, the short delivery time, the flexibility in their approach
and the knowledge of the FMCG market.

Representatives now have the possibility to register orders and manage their own stock
on PC. By means of the stock management module the representatives can order goods
for their own stock, they automatically send the order to corporate headquarters and when the goods are delivered they confirm the reception of these goods. As such they have an accurate real-time view on their stock.

The orders entered at the customers’ end are now dealt with in the same way: the orders are entered into the order module of SALESforce+, a confirmation can be printed and the order
is sent to corporate headquarters for further processing in the evening. Not only is the processing of these orders less time consuming, now they can even be processed the next morning, as no double input is needed. The error rate has fallen by more than 90%, not only because of the single input, but also due to the fact that the representatives have
the flexibility to change the order data – a very useful feature in case a customer calls last minute to change the order or if he wants to add extra items to it.

Moreover the software was adapted to an optimal use on Tablet Pen Pc, so that the
application could be used in the field, face to face with the shelf.